Monday, 16 September 2013

Sores Dogan s Trip Advisor

Hotel to stay: Hotel Europe Sarajevo.....excellent hotel with premium location and the best cafe in town right under the hotel in Bajcarsi district.
Where to eat: Buregdzinica Bosna......Since you are in Bosnia you have to taste the Bosnian Borek . I think this is one of the best where you can try.

Sores Dogan-Paris
Hotel to Stay:Mercure Paris Montmartre Sacre Coeur ....Very close to the attraction(Mouline Rouge , Sacre Coeur etc) but far away from Eifell traffic of tourist .

Where to eat: Wepler.....Best price for a real french dish where French eats it.

Sores Dogan-Nice
Hotel To Stay:Ellington....In between beaches and train station with a fantastic staff.You can use their beach they provide towels.

Where to eat: La Favolla for sure it is great for the price. It might look weird to choose an Italian in france but it is like Italian with a French touch.

Sores Dogan-Menton

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